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  • Making of MSKIt all started with two people coming across each other in internet, frustrated and lost in Life. We wanted a place where we could just be ourselves and share our heart out without being judged for who we were. They decided to create a platform for themselves, and for the people who needed it. It wa 6d ago
  • DecisionsHow can the mere existence of someone annoy u so much??When a person is repeatedly provoking me to react at something he has said,how m i supposed to turn a deaf ear to that.??..This is so fukin annoying ..I dnt mean that he is bothering me..he doesnt even exist for me but i dont want to be a coward 5d ago
  • Howdy people!So, what is life huh!? 1d ago
  • Just forevermay the way i look at you,the way i speak with you and the way i treat you reflect the truth that i have loved you since forever..... I will think of you tonight coz when I try and close my eyes, your voice is all I hear... I see your face inside my mirror. You still drive me crazy and yes nothin 6d ago
  • Misunderstandings are the main reason friendships/relationships endMisunderstandings are the main reason friendships/relationships end,not real stuff. Sad but true 7d ago
  • Am I a bad guyI don't know what goes wrong, I try to just be there and fix things but I guess it always gets fucked up in the end. Is the world different or am I different? Am I just that fucked up guy that never does a thing right :/ anyways sorry if I made anyone cry, I just got brains I guess no hearts to feel 7d ago
  • Some people aren't meant for loveI have liked a few guys but I always ended up getting my feelings hurt or things started falling off toward the end. Everytime I look for love it's taken away. I guess I will never know what being loved feels like. I have fallen in love but we no longer talk. It hurts but all people say is move on, 4d ago
  • An experience from a loveIt's not about finding a perfect person. It's about finding a person you live talking to and experiencing new stuff with them. Its about trusting someone to be there to share their life with you, along with their stories. Once that trust is broken, things are never the same, no matter how hard you 2d ago
  • The so called friendsEveryone is with you when they are sad and lonely in life, as soon as they find someone they won't even say goodbye to you. They just leave and your left worndering, what went wrong and what did you do. They just treat you like someone stranger, even worse atleast strangers gives you response when y 1d ago