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  • fo aleePlz don't leave office ... Sweetheart ??? :( 6d ago
  • skip this title and start reading the paragraphthey ask me why i am so... i get confused why they ask so..they ask me how can i be happy without the girl i love so much... i get confused why they think that i'm soulless without the girl who is carefree about me...they ask me to tell the story about how we broke...i get confused why they are so i 5d ago
  • MY LIFEI love him very much. When he dosen't pick up my phone,my mind go blank.I want to see him every day.When I see him my days go superb.I am scared that if we broke up I'll be mad.I love him very much.He is my strength, he is my weakness,he is my happiness, my sadness.And he also love me very much.But 8d ago
  • This Shit**** Money Today I knew one thing very clearly, this shit money is how imp. for our life. The worst day of my life.Felt bad like hell****... Every one's day come. Just wait and see you shit money****... The reason you make me cry, one day I will have you. 2d ago
  • Ungrateful Rose A I was passing my daily road I came across a rose, lovely rose by the side of the road growing alone, she was a bit weathered and dried, and made me think about the power of life and how life is unfair. So I decided to take care of her, she want cost me much but she well give a lot back I thought 3d ago
  • Be BetterIf anyone tells you to "Be yourself", Never do that. Always think of being a better person than you are. Always! 3d ago
  • SELFISH ME!!! :(Today I again felt down caus u also said me selfish. Everyone tells me the same thing and im not able to handle it anymore. Leave me alone. I dont want any frens also becoz i will hurt all of u. If I tell u to sav money for future or do something like this or that now so that ur future will be secur 3d ago