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  • Missed Call..she was absent yesterday so i just make misscall while returning home. trrringgg.... trrriiinnn . End Call. Then i started walking. Suddenly She call back i though it was just miss call as i did. 2 trrinngs passed, 6 trrings passed, 10 trrings passed. I receive the call. On that side , male v 9d ago
  • Poorest person to acti dont know what is happening to me these days. All i see is darkness , maybe this is due to pressure added on me. People asks me the reason to tell so that they may help me but actually i really donot have the exact reason to tell because i have tons of it. I can say that i am not good in keeping 9d ago
  • mero bicharo bhai.. :( :'(He asked me to slap him as hard as i can.. i said NO coz i can't hurt my bro (muh-boley vaiya).But he insisted if i didn't slap him, he will hurt him more badly himself..So i slapped him twice. Tespaxi, he said "Chitta dukhiraxa didi, ma k garum" with his eyes full of tears n at that very moment i c 4d ago
  • fo aleePlz don't leave office ... Sweetheart ??? :( 23h ago
  • my everyday storyeveryday i smile in front of people. make them laugh. make them happy. make funny faces and do random idiotic activities, so that they could enjoy. and each time my heart says "i can handle no more". my every morning starts with tears. each and every second i'm dying. asking with myself, why she lef 3d ago
  • UFF :( Hey prabhu kaha jau ma. I am just unable ti kow ur plans for me. Where will my life end, i want to know. Nothing is in its right place what shall i do GOD. Please tell me!!! I loved I cried but still i try to be happy I get love and happiness from u but still i am not satisfied with u i know 10d ago
  • memos poked... and ahh it hurts...i got few snaps of mine from a close friend which i had lost once.Those pics made me remind how tough my life had been and how i am still surviving in this world. As i am in new work space nowadays, i keep laughing, talking randomly so that no one could get a clue about sorrows inside me... I am hap 4d ago
  • MY LIFEI love him very much. When he dosen't pick up my phone,my mind go blank.I want to see him every day.When I see him my days go superb.I am scared that if we broke up I'll be mad.I love him very much.He is my strength, he is my weakness,he is my happiness, my sadness.And he also love me very much.But 2d ago