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  • when it happens...don't know...just started to talk....always trying to be formal...no more interested to become romantic...always try to ignore....just give smile symbol...may be that was my fault to give smile all the time...far from me...then why feeling uncomfortable....trying to be ignore but can't do that...long distance r 17d ago
  • hey maryhey mary, if this reaches to you, please always remember i had never felt love for anything or anyone this vague before i met you. Please never forget, in my toughest nights, you are the one and only reason i get up and continue myself and remember to never give up. Please never under estimate yours 6d ago
  • Confession of a LonerWe have to make our way out, practically we have to earn our way out. I just want to get drunk may be all drugged up, but i don't want to feel this real thing, this real shit. i want to close my eyes to the noises, all these creeps are making, just in my head, all those sounds of past. and just when 16d ago
  • Frn Request?If there's anyone from KU here, do leave a comment ...trying to make more frns. 9d ago
  • I hate you like i love you...I love you!! and i can't live with out you!!! 9d ago
  • Some DreamsThere are words we could not say, words that no one might be longing to hear, words that we dearly wanted to say but rest and stay only in the deepest part of our soul. Sacrificing one's own feeling, choosing what is right over what is best., wherein, when we close our eyes in the midst of confusion 13d ago
  • IN TIME......It's hard to let someone go when that someone is the only person you've ever really held on to. It's hard to hate someone when that someone is the only one you've ever loved. But no matter how much you try, sometimes somethings just aren't meant to be. Sometimes you just have to learn to let go, no 9d ago
  • Letting GoNo matter how hard it is for you to decide whether to leave that person who had played a vital role in your life but has hurt-ed you, you have to do it with conviction- for yourself and for all that wants you to be happy.. 13d ago
  • Is this meant to be?It was the middle of the night, around 3 am in the morning when my eyes suddenly opened up. My face felt numb from the dried up tears from before. I couldn't forget, I can't ever forget him. Yes, I should be moving on, it's been over two years now when I had decided to end it up between us. I feel 5d ago